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Gentle Somatic Yoga with James Knight

James is excited to bring Gentle Somatic Yoga® to Charleston. Come and discover for yourself why this art of mindful movement is quickly spreading around the globe!

In the 2-hour Saturday afternoon class James will give an overview of GSY, then will guide you through a sampling of sequences called Somatic Movement Flows® (SMFs). In the 4-hour Sunday workshop, James will provide a balanced combination of lecture and practice. This will include an overview of the history, neuroscience, philosophy and methodology behind Gentle Somatic Yoga, as well as expand the SMFs to a full practice session.

What to expect:

  • How to increase your bodily awareness for internal felt perception (interception). This leads to self-correction, self-healing and ultimately enhanced quality of life, a return back to a natural state that is the embodiment of peace and well-being.

  • A series of Somatic Movement Flows that help to erase chronic pain, stiffness and other effects of stress throughout the body. These flows can be easily incorporated into any daily yoga practice.

  • How to discern the important difference between stretching vs. pandiculation as well as fitness vs. wellness.


Saturday Only from 4:00pm-6:00pm: $50

Sunday Only 9:00am-1:00pm: $100

Both Sessions: $125

Gentle Somatic Yoga
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James has been an E-RYT, CHSE (Certified Hanna Somatic Educator), and Integrative Therapist for 30 years. From his combined experience as a lifelong yogi, intuitive bodyworker, psychotherapist, and movement educator, James founded a method of synthesizing what he discovered to be the most progressive, life-enhancing techniques into an embodied practice of mindful movement. Gentle Somatic Yoga was born out of years of exploring means of connecting with the deepest aspects of himself. James’ passion is to inspire and encourage others to live a fulfilling life of physical, emotional and spiritual freedom.

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