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Bone Health with Barbara Halpern ~ Sold Out (waitlist)

Barbara Halpern, ERYT 500

Barbara Halpern, ERYT 500

For teachers:

There are many “at risk” categories of people for osteoporosis/osteopenia and they are probably showing up in your classes. As teachers, we practice ahimsa and strive to “do no harm” so we need to understand these conditions, identify who may be at risk, and learn how to keep our students safe.

For students:

If you have a regular yoga practice and have received a diagnosis of osteoporosis or osteopenia, it is important to understand how yoga can help stimulate bone growth as well as how to modify your practice to stay safe and avoid fractures.

Objectives for the Workshop:

  1. Understand and define osteoporosis/osteopenia

  2. How yoga practice can help (strengthen bone, build bone mass,  attentive practice with caution to avoid fractures, build stronger muscles, build confidence)

  3. How yoga practice may hurt (spinal flexion and unsupported spinal rotation overload the vertebral bodies increasing risk for a fracture)

  4. Learn what precautions to take and how to modify traditional yoga postures and transitions through demonstration

  5. Discuss how stress affects bone health, so stress reducing practices are important (savasana, yoga nidra, restorative yoga, meditation and pranayama)

  6. Present a short “bone healthy” yoga practice

Through our yoga practice we strive to cultivate balance, flexibility and strength in the body, as well as how to respond to life’s challenges in a thoughtful, calm and considered manner.  

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