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Intro to Ashtanga: 3 Week Series with Maria Kelly

Come and learn about this unique method of yoga that has been passed down through generations of teachers from India to the US and around the world.  You will learn the postures of the sequence that form the foundation of the Primary Series or Yoga Chikitsa (Yoga therapy). Appropriate for all levels of yoga practitioners as we will explore the building blocks as well as the full variations of some of the more challenging postures.  Allowing all to experience the benefits of this practice. 

March 3: Week 1 -  Tristana method - applying the breath, bandhas (energetic locks), and drishti (gaze) in your Yoga practice.  What you learn in this week’s workshop you can apply to any style of Yoga practice. 

March 10: Week 2 - The Sequence Part I - building on what we learned in week 1, we will move through the first half of the sequence from Sun Salutations through Navasana (boat pose).  

March 17: Week 3 - The Sequence Part II - we will practice sun salutations and move through the 2nd half of the sequence including building blocks of the more challenging arm balance and seated postures, as well as various stages of the backbends and closing postures (inversions).  

“Ashtanga practice is a breathing practice...the rest is just bending” ~ Sri. K Pattabhi Jois.

Enjoy two weeks of complimentary Ashtanga classes during the series.

Monday: 6:30am (Mysore)

Tuesday: 4:30pm

Wednesday: 6:30am

Thursday: 4:30pm

Friday: 6:30am (Mysore)

Saturday: 8:15am