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Make America Kind Again with Steven Willard

Are you obsessively watching the news and scrolling through social media feeds?

There’s a lot divisiveness, anger and fear out there. If we want to change the world, we have to start within. Leading with compassion vs the need to be “right”.

The LovingKindness (aka Metta) Meditation is a beautiful and powerful way of developing compassion towards yourself, as well as extending love into the world. Experience on-the-mat yoga practice (heart openers) and sitting meditation that foster loving-kindness, to become more compassionate and empathetic toward others (and you). Be guided step-by-step in opening your heart to the people you love, the people you dislike, and the myriad of people in your life you don’t know very well.

All levels of yoga and meditation experience, including beginners, welcome.

Steven Willard began practicing Yoga in order to heal injuries and handle stress, then got hooked on feeling better. After a few years of practicing at Holy Cow Yoga Center, he completed his 200 hour certification in 2007. He is currently pursuing his 500 hour studying with many outstanding teachers and continues to grow his practice through hands on experience.  A nurturer and a charmer, Steven is stiff-guy/gal friendly, friendly to people with sore backs, friendly to people with body image issues, friendly to people who are self-conscious or anxious and friendly to people who are yoga-phobic. Steven believes in and embodies the maxim that yoga is for everyone. He sees yoga as the union of body, breath, and spirit with an all-important added dash of humor, and always open to grace. His classes are rooted in the concept of doing less harm - ahimsa.