Karma Crew

We are thrilled to offer volunteer opportunities within our volunteer group, the Holy Cow Yoga Center Karma Crew! Are you interested in taking your yoga off the mat and supporting our Charleston community in need? Join us as we tackle Seva projects around the Lowcountry!  

Seva is defined as selfless service and an expression of compassion and the desire to uplift and assist people. Studies have documented that volunteering (like Yoga) has direct, long-lasting and positive effects on a person's mental health. If volunteering interests you but is not a part of your life, it's never too late to start (again, just like Yoga)!  

We've enjoyed our volunteer opportunities with the Lowcountry Foodbank, Hampton Park conservancy, The Hope Lodge, The Neighborhood House, Habitat for Humanity, Beach and Marsh Sweeps and the Stone Soup Kitchen!

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Some of the organizations that we volunteer with limit the amount of people allowed on site. Please keep that in mind when registering to volunteer with us.
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