Early Hour and yoga hour

Offered daily

One-hour classes packed with a variety of poses to build strength, generate heat and direct energy or prana throughout the body. Typically they are flow (Vinyasa) classes with breath awareness. Yoga experience is recommended.


Wednesday at 7:15pm

Foundational Flow is an all-levels Yoga Hour focusing on the basics of Yoga. A great place for Beginners, but open to all.

Gentle & Gentle Flow & Extra Gentle Yoga

Monday at 10:30am & 5:30pm; wednesday at 9:30am, Friday at 10:30am & 5:30pm; Saturday & sunday at 2:00pm

Gentle Flow is an easeful movement class that connects breath and movement and awakens inner joy. Perfect for all levels. Gentle Yoga and Extra Gentle Yoga is for those who might want a softer Yoga class or those with physical challenges. Beginner levels welcome.

Level 1

Sunday at 4:30pm

Basic-level class geared toward those fairly new to yoga. We continue to practice the positions learned in the Foundational class and learn other beginner poses and variations. 

Level 1-2

Monday & Tuesday at 6:00pM, Tuesday & thursday at 9:30AM, Saturday at 11:00AM

Energetic classes for those who want to explore basic and some intermediate poses. Yoga experience is recommended.

Level 2-3

Thursday at 6:00PM

An intermediate class with some advanced asanas for those who wish to develop more strength and flexibility.

Evening Flow

Monday at 7:15PM, Tuesday & Thursday at 7:00PM

Easeful classes for those who want a bit of movement and to wind down for the evening. Suitable for beginners. 

MoFlow 45

Monday & friday at 2:30

A 45 minute quickie class that has an upbeat flow followed by a nice relaxation.


Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 6:30AM, Saturday at 8:15AM & Tuesday 7:30pm

A set sequence of poses with a lot of vinyasa to build both strength and flexibility. Yoga experience is recommended. Bring a towel if you like!

Vin/Yin Flow

Monday & Friday at 9:30AM

A warm, combination class of flowing and holding. You get deeper into the breath and body awareness. All-levels class.

Bust UR Asana

Sunday at 5:00PM

An hour-long, fun and lively class set to energetic music. Yoga experience is recommended. Bring a towel!

Yin Yoga

Wednesday & friday at 5:30, Sunday at 6:30

 A 75-minute long class. Yin is primarily done seated or supine - these are long, deep stretches held for 3-5 minutes.

breath of life hour

tuesday at 5:30pm

The regulation of the breath through certain techniques and exercises. This is a seated class that explores different types of breathing exercises.

Community practice

Tuesday & Thursday at 4:00PM

An all-levels Yoga Hour. Suggested $5 donation or you can use your pass card.