Advanced Studies

Holy Cow Yoga Center is proud to offer an Advanced Studies Program for 200 hour teachers to continue their yoga education. Our Advanced Studies Program follows the Yoga Alliance guidelines in that we offer a variety of yoga training opportunities to accumulate the additional 300 hours needed to register as a 500 hour teacher and offer opportunities to continue tracking your hours toward 1000 hour status. We want to make your journey towards advanced certification as fun & educational as possible, so we give you specific requirements to complete along the way, as well as great electives to build your repertoire of experiences.

Students have the option to enroll as Full or Partial Status. FULL STATUS means you will complete all the training hours with Holy Cow Yoga Center with no application fee.  PARTIAL STATUS gives you freedom to do trainings at HCYC as well as other trainings outside of our center. PARTIAL STATUS participants need to include a $150 non-refundable application fee. WE recommend starting with Full-Status as you may transfer to Partial-Status at anytime during the Advanced Studies Program.

The additional 300 hours will be spread out over four tracks.  All four of these tracks or equivalent are required whether you registered for Partial or Full status, and must be completed to qualify for the certification.

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Track I: Practical Teaching (85 hrs)

You must complete each of the below modules (or equivalent), and they can be taken in any order.  Each module contains a series of asanas to study including instruction, alignment, adjustments as well teaching concepts such as sequencing, kramas, building classes, philosophical approaches and sanskrit.

  • Module #1 (10 hours) Samastitihi - Building the foundation for standing poses, plus we look at the feet and how we stand.

  • Module #2 (10 hours) Dharma - An exploration of backbends and the lower back/sacrum...learning to open the heart

  • Module #3 (10 hours) Kriya - Focusing on forward folds and upper back/shoulders...learning to restore and go inward

  • Module #4 (10 hours) Taking Flight - Refining inversions and arm balances, plus the anatomy of the wrist...learning to shift our perspective

  • Module #5 (10 hours) Gunas - A weekend of twisting poses and yoga concepts of gunas and how they relate to bringing balance to body and mind.

  • Module #6 (10 hours) Samadhi - We explore teaching methodology and integration of hands-on assists and sequences, plus adding themes to our classes.


  • Plus choose two or more of the following:

    • Gentle Teacher Training

    • Kids Yoga Training

    • Prenatal Teacher Training

    • Vinyasa Teacher Training

    • Yin Teacher Training

    • Restorative Yoga Training

Track II: Anatomy and physiology (15 hrs)

Choose from:

  • Anatomy Training #1 (10 hours)

  • Anatomy Training #2 (5 hours)

  • Pranayama Training #3 (5 or 10 hours)

Track III: Philosophy and lifestyle (15 hrs)

Choose from:

  • Yoga Sutra Immersion (10 hours)

  • Ancient Text Immersion (7 hours)

  • Kirtans (2 hours for each)

  • Meditation Immersion (10 hours)

  • Sanskrit Immersion (12 hours)

Track Iv: Electives (120 hrs)

These elective hours can be drawn from any of the above three tracks of study.  For us these usually include guest teachers and workshops.  If you do something outside Holy Cow Yoga Center you can submit an "outside submission" form.  Please note it is best to get confirmation that your program is acceptable to our Advanced Studies Program.  Email Us to get confirmation

2019 Calendar of Events

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