An impressive variety of organic, hand-picked and sweat-resistant yoga clothes for men and women is not limited to brands like Prana, Anjali, Beyond Yoga, Spiritual Gangster and our own HCYC Tees. To enhance your practice, you can find all kinds of props, and very few of them are:

          • Manduka  mats are made from the high quality material with superior wear that will not peel, flake or fade. PRO line of the mats are the only ones that have a lifetime guarantee!

          • Yogitoes SKIDLESSTM towels are a great tool to prevent slipping on your favorite mat! 100% silicone nubs on the bottom of the towel are much earth-friendlier as opposed to PVC.

          • Manduka mat slings and Prana yoga straps are fast-access alternative to a mat bag, which is lightweight and durable. It lets your mat breathe while keeping it securely rolled.

          and many other amazing brands and products!

We have a wide variety of inspiring spiritual books on physical yoga practice and anatomy, meditation and sacred poetry or great gifts for your yogi or yogini in your life, such as Tibetan Buddhist mala (beaded rosary), which aids the practitioner in counting mantra recitations while also helping one to focus concentration and awareness; a beautiful hand made diary from Nepal or a statue of delightful Hindu deities, like Ganesha, the elephant headed god, the remover of obstacles, who represents abundance... Numerous exquisite little things and gifts that can inspire us or be a great present idea!

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Located in the same space as our studio, the OM Store is here to support and inspire your practice with everything from organic, sustainable, hand-picked Yoga clothes to quality mats, straps, blocks, bolsters, Meditation cushions, books AND gifts, including unique, handmade items from Holy Cow Yoga Center students!

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Stop by our Om Store, and maybe you will find something that will please your eye and inspire your practice!


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